These PDF e-Chapters teach you how to use Flash for graphics and animation. The chapters demonstrate with Flash CS3, but the techniques covered apply to all versions from Flash 8, right up to the current Flash CS5.

NOTE - To open the PDF chapters you will need Adobe Reader 9.0 or higher. It's free, so ensure you have the latest version HERE.


Chapter 1 - 28 pages - (541kb)
This is a free introductory chapter. Click the thumbnail img to see the Table of Contents.
Written for complete beginners, it will help you get to know the Flash CS3 interface and make some frame-by-frame animation from scratch.

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Tools   Chapter 2 - 50 pages - (1.1Mb)
This chapter covers all of the Flash CS3 tools that the animator will need. Written as a practical guide, rather than a technical manual, you can read the chapter from start to finish, or just skip directly to the parts you want from the Table of Contents.
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Graphics   Chapter 3 - 56 pages - ( 5.5Mb)
A comprehensive and visually rich chapter on creating graphics in Flash.
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Animation   Chapter 4 - 76 pages - ( 20Mb)
This'll keep you busy for a while. Giant chapter 4 is all about how to make stuff move in Flash.
Includes 12MB of bonus video material!
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    Chapter 5 - EFFECTS - coming soon   View Cart
toonboom   TOONBOOM
Here I'll teach you how to get around in my favourite animation software, ToonBoom Animate 2 and Animate Pro 2.
The entire introductory video series (below) is absolutely free and, coming soon, exclusive lessons intermediate to advanced.

Be sure to hit the Full Screen button for the above videos.

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