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Author Topic: The Ultimate Sarus Toolkit  (Read 8714 times)

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The Ultimate Sarus Toolkit
« on: February 25, 2009, 10:10:11 AM »

Ok, so we have a lot of resources for learning Sarus, right?  But they're kind of all over the place at the moment!  We've got a dictionary, an old forum, a translator, an examiner... not to mention the official lessons page which will one day be the ultimate textbook for the language!  But we all know Adam is super busy, so until he finds time to keep working on it (after retirement maybe?  ;)) we can try to compile our resources for those who are done with the beginner courses.  So without further ado, I present...

The Ultimate Sarus Toolkit

Official Lessons Page
The starting point for anybody wanting to learn Sarus vocabulary and grammar structure.  Easy to follow with examples and exercises!

English-Sarus Dictionary
The definitive directory to all words Sarus-y.  

Sarus-English Dictionary
PlasticCup made this very useful companion to the English-Sarus Dictionary.  Copy locally for your own reference and to change the font size!

Laroon's Sarus Handbook
Laroon has been working on this comprehensive guide to the language.  It's very in-depth and has practice exercises!  Currently it's about 1/3 completed and covers most basic words.  Don't miss this excellent resource!

Probably out-of-date resources
These are some of the older resources for the language, so a few of the words and grammar structure may be different.  Just keep this in mind and the dictionary close at hand so you don't get confused, especially with the basic words and prefixes!  They can be handy resources if you're ready to go into intermediate lessons, but be sure you are well-versed in the basic vocab first.

Old Forum
An amalgamation of discussion on the development of the language.  

Handy little tool that translates between Sarus and English (Sarus used to be called B525, in case you're wondering)

This is a nifty little tool to test your knowledge of the vocabulary.

Another fun tool to learn vocab.

Word of the Day
Yet another tool for vocab building, with septaglyphs!

Other lessons, tips and tricks

Pronunciation (from the official lessons page)

Septaglyphs (I know it's already stickied in this forum, but I didn't want to leave it out of the compilation!)

Septaglyph maker (thanks to Jaehl for making this!)



Conjugation lessons courtesy Laroon

Discussion on definite/indefinite articles

Prefixes (dd, rr, etc.)

Notes on using Sarus in music

Coded English with Sarus

Version 2 adjustments

If you find anything that's definitely out of date, or if you have new links to add to the toolkit, post them here!  Alternately, if you have ideas for how to better organize the wealth of information we have, feel free to suggest it here as well.  Soruf domis also has a great thread on how to study and learn the language; be sure to visit there to get ideas for how to use the Toolkit most effectively in your studies.  

Mis relyf!
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