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Author Topic: Sarus - English Dictionary  (Read 16248 times)

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Sarus - English Dictionary
« on: February 27, 2010, 10:50:54 AM »

I made this for myself (I find it easier to learn Sarus by learning the meaning of a Sarus word instead of translating English to Sarus), but I thought it would be handy to share.

Basically I copied the English - Sarus dictionary (was a bitch to copy from that flash file, if you actually copy when you press ctrl-c was completely random if I'm being optimistic), switched the columns, then ran it through some very sloppily programmed java apps that combined duplicate meanings, ordered the list (alphabetical sorting made it dflmrst instead of the sarus drmfslt), and separated the one-letter, two-letter, three-letter and four-letter words and the multi-sarus word expressions.

If it is requested I might combine the colour, number etc. meanings with the big list, but for now I think I spent enough time on it ;)

Sorry for the small text but I blame the forum, the only way to preserve the tabbing (for readability) was to put it in code tags, which has a unreadable small font. Anyway, just ctrl-scroll to increase the page size (in firefox, other browsers probably also offer this functionality somehow) to make it readable.

Anyway, here's the, easily copyable, dictionary:

Code: [Select]
1 letter words:
d do not
r re and, with
m mi or
f fa for, than, to
s so if
l la the
t ti be, is, yes

2 letter words:
dd dod prefix. command
dr dor I, me
dm dom you
df dof he, it
ds dos she
dl dol them, they
dt dot us, we
rd red mine, my
rr rek prefix. question
rm rem what, which
rf ref where
rs res why
rl rel now
rt ret self
md mid your, yours
mr mir who
mm mim prefix. suggestion
mf mif this
ms mis good, positive
ml mil here
mt mit good day, good evening, greetings
fd fad his, its
fr far when
fm fam that
ff faf prefix. formal
fs fas but, except, just, only
fl fal more
ft fat much, very
sd sod hers
sr sor because
sm som bad, negative
sf sof also, too
ss sos prefix. past tense
sl sol always
st sot thanks
ld lad their, theirs
lr lar then
lm lam there
lf laf less
ls las ever, never
ll lal prefix. future tense
lt lat can
td tid our, ours
tr tir another, other
tm tim farewell, goodbye
tf tif barely, little
ts tis please
tl til cannot
tt tit prefix. perfect / superlative

3 letter words:
ddr dodor centre, middle
ddm dodom north
ddf dodof east
dds dodos summer
ddl dodol spring
ddt dodot sun
drd dored must
drr dorek go
drm dorem same
drf doref short
drs dores thing
drl dorel person
drt doret create, make
dmd domid how
dmr domir exact
dmm domim happy
dmf domif early, soon
dms domis day
dml domil adult
dmt domit work
dfd dofad well
dfr dofar may, maybe
dfm dofam on
dff dofaf angry
dfs dofas beverage
dfl dofal man
dft dofat full
dsd dosod even
dsr dosor thin
dsm dosom easy, soft
dsf dosof whole
dss dosos scared, insecure
dsl dosol boy
dst dosot catch
dld dolad as, while
dlr dolar either
dlm dolam fast
dlf dolaf insufficient
dls dolas tree
dll dolal arrogant
dlt dolat find
dtd dotid again
dtr dotir before, previous
dtm dotim lift
dtf dotif succeed
dts dotis planet, world
dtl dotil baby
dtt dotit melancholy
rdd redod border, edge, rim
rdr redor so, such
rdm redom young
rdf redof fun
rds redos quiet, silence
rdl redol carry
rdt redot help
rrd reked come
rrm rekem do
rrf rekef rich
rrs rekes healthy
rrl rekel say, talk
rrt reket low
rmd remid approximate
rmr remir from, of
rmm remim look, see, watch
rmf remif until
rms remis home, house
rml remil parent
rmt remit allow, let, permit
rfd refad definite
rfr refar yet
rfm refam small
rff refaf hear
rfs refas line, path, track
rfl refal father
rft refat use
rsd resod fat, thick
rsr resor each, all, every
rsm resom miss
rsf resof reveal
rss resos smell
rsl resol brother
rst resot live
rld relad neither
rlr relar some
rlm relam strong
rlf relaf advantage, fortune, luck
rls relas stream
rll relal feel, touch
rlt relat grow
rtd retid after, next
rtr retir any
rtm retim hot
rtf retif want
rts retis body
rtl retil friend
rtt retit taste
mdd midod south
mdr midor old
mdm midom kind, species, type
mdf midof total, complete
mds midos fang, tooth
mdl midol open
mdt midot walk
mrd mired different
mrr mirek have, possess
mrm mirem gender
mrf miref odd, strange
mrs mires head
mrl mirel ascend, float, rise
mrt miret sleep
mmd mimid sad
mmr mimir eye
mmf mimif clumsy
mms mimis ceiling, roof
mml mimil room
mmt mimit bone
mfd mifad off
mfr mifar large
mfm mifam name
mff mifaf trust
mfs mifas story
mfl mifal hill
mft mifat teach
msd misod difficult, hard
msr misor hit
msm misom age, time
msf misof roll
mss misos bare, naked
msl misol hole, hollow, ditch
mst misot move
mld milad slow
mlr milar weak
mlm milam colour
mlf milaf occasional
mls milas music
mll milal agree
mlt milat avoid, flee
mtd mitid drop
mtr mitir cold
mtm mitim shape
mtf mitif clever, wise
mts mitis deliberate
mtl mitil lake, pool
mtt mitit become, change
fdd fadod west
fdr fador dull, uninteresting
fdm fadom incomplete
fdf fadof rain
fds fados pointy, sharp
fdl fadol forget
fdt fadot eat
frd fared long
frr farek poor
frm farem normal, ordinary
frf faref wind
frs fares bright, white, light
frl farel think
frt faret like
fmd famid late, later
fmr famir since
fmm famim graceful
fmf famif dew
fms famis glade
fml famil gentle, clean, flat, smooth
fmt famit laugh
ffd fafad patient, tolerant
ffr fafar ear
ffm fafam mistrust
ffs fafas ask
ffl fafal should
fft fafat lead
fsd fasod bit, piece
fsr fasor conceal
fsm fasom throw
fsf fasof storm
fss fasos get, take
fsl fasol wet
fst fasot season
fld falad enough, sufficient
flr falar disadvantage, misfortune
flm falam often
flf falaf cloud
fls falas near
fll falal thunder
flt falat attack
ftd fatid fail
ftr fatir need
ftm fatim dim-witted, stupid
ftf fatif fine, clear
fts fatis together
ftl fatil beware!, dangerous
ftt fatit creep, sneak
sdd sodod winter
sdr sodor loud, noise, sound
sdm sodom fur, hair
sdf sodof round, blunt
sds sodos glyph, sign, symbol
sdl sodol insane, unstable
sdt sodot in
srd sored none
srr sorek hurt, pain, sick
srm sorem bottom
srf soref black, dark, heavy, shadow
srs sores language
srl sorel calm, passive
srt soret up
smd somid night
smr somir wilderness
smm somim floor
smf somif plain, grassland
sms somis word
sml somil break
smt somit above, over
sfd sofad food
sfr sofar place
sfm sofam picture
sff sofaf answer, reply
sfs sofas letter
sfl sofal sit
sft sofat deep, steep
ssd sosod confident
ssr sosor nose
ssm sosom clothed, covered
ssf sosof add, give, put
ssl sosol window
sst sosot flesh
sld solad forest
slr solar river
slm solam lyric, verse
slf solaf far
sls solas phrase
sll solal toward
slt solat across
std sotid star
str sotir mind
stm sotim accident
stf sotif apart
sts sotis number
stl sotil crouch
stt sotit alone, single
ldd ladod autumn
ldr lador drag
ldm ladom shut
ldf ladof recall, remember
lds lados sane, stable
ldl ladol believe
ldt ladot incorrect, left, wrong
lrd lared animal, creature
lrr larek shout, yell, call
lrm larem descend, fall, sink
lrf laref dream
lrs lares aggressive, violent
lrl larel know, understand
lrt laret between
lmd lamid infant
lmr lamir sibling
lmm lamim wall
lmf lamif rough, dirty
lms lamis fix, heal
lml lamil magic
lmt lamit around
lfd lafad lady, woman
lfr lafar mother
lfm lafam mountain
lff lafaf could
lfs lafas stand
lfl lafal fly
lft lafat beginning, origin, start
lsd lasod girl
lsr lasor sister
lsm lasom cave
lsf lasof dry
lss lasos door
lsl lasol swim
lst lasot front
lld lalad insecure
llr lalar skin
llm lalam disagree
llf lalaf lightning
lls lalas away
llt lalat draw, paint
ltd latid senior
ltr latir enemy
ltm latim sea
ltf latif harmless
lts latis jump, leap
ltl latil ride
ltt latit pretty
tdd tidod moon
tdr tidor abandon
tdm tidom run
tdf tidof drink
tds tidos out
tdl tidol right, correct
tdt tidot direction, way
trd tired kill, destroy
trr tirek high
trm tirem wake
trf tiref dislike
trs tires down
trl tirel beside
trt tiret fire
tmd timid play
tmr timir forbid
tmm timim claw, nail
tmf timif cry
tms timis below, under
tml timil through
tmt timit air
tfd tifad empty
tfr tifar misuse
tfm tifam learn
tff tifaf follow
tfs tifas shallow
tfl tifal finish, end
tft tifat water
tsd tisod exit, release
tsr tisor die
tsm tisom stop
tsf tisof year
tss tisos blood
tsl tisol back
tst tisot land
tld tilad lose, loss
tlr tilar shrink
tlm tilam pursue, seek, chase
tlf tilaf defend
tls tilas along
tll tilal write
tlt tilat definition, meaning
ttd titid hope
ttr titir mouth
ttm titim stay
ttf titif charge, dash
tts titis couple, group
ttl titil ugly

4 letter words:
ddmf dodomif northeast
ddfs dodofas southeast
ddsd dodosod june
ddsr dodosor july
ddsm dodosom august
ddsf dodosof summer month
ddsl dodosol summer solstice
ddst dodosot summer feast
ddld dodolad spring feast
ddlr dodolar march
ddlm dodolam april
ddlf dodolaf may
ddls dodolas spring month
ddlt dodolat bealtaine
ddtd dodotid suns
drrm dorekem in motion
drrs dorekes journey
drrl dorekel travel
drmr doremir similarly
drfm dorefam shortly
drfs dorefas shortest
drsl doresol things
drld dorelad satyr
drlr dorelar troll
drlm dorelam yuyu
drlf dorelaf faerie
drlt dorelat people
drtd doretid creative
drtl doretil maker
dmrd domired exactly
dmmr domimir happily
dmmf domimif happiest
dmmt domimit enjoy
dmfm domifam promptly
dmfs domifas earliest
dmsf domisof daily
dmsl domisol days
dmlt domilat adults
dmtd domitid busy
dmtf domitif slave
dmtl domitil servant, worker
dfrd dofared probably
dfmf dofamif upon
dffm dofafam angrily
dffs dofafas angriest
dfsl dofasol beverages, drinks
dfld dofalad mister, sir
dflr dofalar lord, master
dflt dofalat men
dftd dofatid fullest
dftl dofatil fully
dsrd dosored thinly
dsrm dosorem thinnest
dsmr dosomir softly
dsmf dosomif softest
dsfm dosofam wholly
dssf dososof frightfully
dsst dososot anxious, nervous
dslt dosolat boys
dstd dosotid alert, aware, ready
dstl dosotil catcher
dlmr dolamir quickly
dlmf dolamif fastest
dlsl dolasol trees
dltl dolatil finder
dtrd dotired firstly
dtrm dotirem first
dtmr dotimir lifter
dtfd dotifad try
dtfm dotifam victor
dtfs dotifas victorious
dtsl dotisol worlds
dtlt dotilat babies
rddr redodor edges
rdmf redomif youngest
rdfm redofam funnily
rdfs redofas funny
rdsf redosof quietly
rdsl redosol quietest
rdls redolas carrier
rdtd redotid helpful
rdtl redotil assistant, helper
rrdl rekedol arrive
rrdt rekedot return
rrfd rekefad value, worth, worthy
rrfm rekefam richly
rrfs rekefas richest
rrsf rekesof healthily
rrsl rekesol healthiest
rrld rekelad ask
rrlr rekelar whisper
rrlm rekelam mime
rrlf rekelaf suggest
rrls rekelas speaker
rrll rekelal tell
rrlt rekelat respond
rrtd reketid lowest
rrtl reketil lowly
rmdt remidot approximately
rmmr remimir seer
rmmf remimif focussed
rmms remimis display, show
rmmt remimit appear
rmsd remisod hearth
rmsr remisor bed
rmsm remisom table
rmsf remisof bath
rmsl remisol homes, houses
rmst remisot toilet
rmlt remilat parents
rmtd remitid lenient
rmtr remitir permission
rfdl refadol definitely
rfmr refamir slightly
rfmf refamif smallest
rffm refafam listener
rffs refafas intense
rfsl refasol lines
rflm refalam king
rfls refalas god
rflt refalat fathers
rftd refatid skillful
rftl refatil user
rsdr resodor fattest, thickest
rsdt resodot thickly
rsrd resored everything
rsrr resorek everyone
rsrm resorem everywhere
rsrf resoref everyway
rsrs resores however
rsrl resorel everytime
rsrt resoret everyday
rsmr resomir misser
rsmf resomif inaccurate
rsfm resofam revealer
rssd resosod odour
rslt resolat brothers
rstd resotid life
rstl resotil lively
rstt resotit alive
rlrd relared something
rlrr relarek someone
rlrm relarem somewhere
rlrf relaref somewhat
rlrs relares somehow
rlrl relarel sometimes
rlrt relaret someday
rlmr relamir strongly
rlmf relamif strongest
rlft relafat fortunate, lucky
rlsl relasol streams
rlls relalas feeler
rltl relatil grower
rtdr retidor last
rtdt retidot finally
rtrd retired anything, whatever
rtrr retirek anyone
rtrm retirem anywhere
rtrf retiref anyway
rtrs retires anyhow
rtrl retirel anytime, whenever
rtrt retiret anyday
rtmr retimir heatedly
rtmf retimif hottest
rtsd retisod chest
rtsr retisor leg
rtsm retisom foot
rtsf retisof hand
rtss retisos arm
rtsl retisol bodies
rtst retisot neck
rtlt retilat friends
rttl retitil taster
mddr midodor southwest
mdrm midorem oldest
mdmf midomif types
mdfm midofam completely
mdsl midosol teeth
mdls midolas opener
mdtl midotil walker
mrdt miredot differently
mrrd mireked owner
mrmf miremif genitals
mrfm mirefam strangely
mrfs mirefas strangest
mrsf miresof face
mrsl miresol heads
mrls mirelas riser
mrtd miretid asleep
mrtm miretim fatigue
mrts miretis tired
mrtl miretil sleeper
mmdr mimidor saddest
mmdt mimidot sadly
mmrm mimirem eyes
mmfm mimifam clumsily
mmfs mimifas clumsiest
mmsl mimisol rooves
mmlt mimilat rooms
mmtd mimitid bones
mmtt mimitit horn
mfdr mifador off-of
mfrd mifared largely
mfrm mifarem largest
mfmr mifamir namer
mfmf mifamif names
mfsf mifasof storyteller
mfsl mifasol stories
mflt mifalat hills
mftl mifatil teacher
msdr misodor hardest
msdt misodot hardly
msrd misored hitter
msrm misorem accurate
msmd misomid past
msmr misomir moment
msmm misomim second
msmf misomif times
msms misomis minute
msml misomil future
msmt misomit hour
msfm misofam roller
mssf misosof barely
mssl misosol barest
mslt misolat holes
mstf misotif animate
mstl misotil mover
mldr milador slowest
mldt miladot slowly
mlrd milared weakly
mlrm milarem weakest
mlmr milamir colourer
mlmf milamif colours
mlfm milafam occasionally
mlfs milafas least often
mlsf milasof musician
mlsl milasol musical
mlls milalas ally
mltl milatil avoider
mtdr mitidor droppings
mtdt mitidot dropper
mtrd mitired coldly
mtrm mitirem coldest
mtmd mitimid box
mtmr mitimir egg
mtmm mitimim cone
mtmf mitimif shapes
mtms mitimis rod
mtml mitimil bowl
mtmt mitimit dome
mttd mititid changes
mttr mititir bend, turn
mttm mititim twist
mttf mititif squash
mtts mititis stretch
mttl mititil changer
fddr fadodor northwest
fdrd fadored boringly
fdrr fadorek dullard
fdrm fadorem dullest
fdmr fadomir almost, nearly
fdfs fadofas rains
fdsf fadosof sharply
fdsl fadosol sharpest
fdlt fadolat forgetful
fdtd fadotid hungry
fdtr fadotir bite
fdtm fadotim chew
fdtf fadotif swallow
fdtl fadotil eater
frdr faredor longest
frrd fareked poorly
frrm farekem poorest
frmf faremif trivial, normally, ordinarily
frfm farefam breeze
frfs farefas winds
frfl farefal gale
frsf faresof lightly
frsl faresol lights
frlr farelar imagine
frlm farelam plan
frlf farelaf invent
frls farelas thinker
frll farelal design
frlt farelat thoughtful
frtd faretid lovely
frtl faretil lover
fmdr famidor latest
fmdt famidot lately
fmrm famirem ever since
fmmr famimir gracefully
fmfs famifas fogs
fmsl famisol glades
fmls familas cleanly, gently
fmlt familat cleanest
fmts famitis laugher
ffdt fafadot patiently
ffrm fafarem ears
ffmr fafamir skeptic
ffmf fafamif skeptical
ffsf fafasof inquirer
ffsl fafasol curious
fftl fafatil leader
fsdr fasodor pieces
fsrd fasored concealer
fsmr fasomir thrower
fsfs fasofas storms
fssf fasosof taker
fssl fasosol envious
fslt fasolat wettest
fstd fasotid season
fldt faladot sufficiently
flrt falaret unfortunate, unlucky
flmr falamir usually
flfs falafas clouds
flsl falasol nearest
fllt falalat thunders
fltd falatid offensive
fltl falatil attacker
ftdr fatidor disappointing
ftds fatidos resign
ftdt fatidot failure
ftrd fatired needer
ftrm fatirem needy
ftmr fatimir stupidly
ftmf fatimif stupidest
ftfm fatifam clearly
ftfs fatifas finest
ftls fatilas dangerously
fttd fatitid sneaky
fttl fatitil creeper
sddr sododor winter solstice
sddm sododom winter feast
sddf sododof december
sdds sododos january
sddl sododol february
sddt sododot winter month
sdrd sodored loudly
sdrm sodorem noises
sdmr sodomir hairy
sdmf sodomif hairs
sdfm sodofam bluntly
sdfs sodofas bluntest
sdsl sodosol glyphs, signs, symbols
sdls sodolas crazily
sdlt sodolat craziest
sdtd sodotid inside
srdd soredod nothing
srdr soredor no-one
srdm soredom nowhere
srdf soredof no way
srrd soreked painfully
srrm sorekem disease
srrf sorekef injure
srmd soremid rump
srmf soremif bottoms
srmt soremit arse
srfm sorefam heavily, darkly
srfs sorefas shadows
srsl soresol languages
srls sorelas calmly
srlt sorelat calmest
srtl soretil upward
smdr somidor nights
smdt somidot nightly
smrm somirem wildernesses
smmf somimif floors
smfs somifas plains
smsl somisol words
smls somilas breaker
smtr somitir beyond
smtl somitil overly
sfdr sofador foods
sfdl sofadol cooker
sfrd sofared locator
sfrm sofarem places
sfmf sofamif pictures
sffs sofafas answers
sfsl sofasol letters
sfls sofalas sitter
ssdt sosodot confidently
ssrm sosorem noses
ssmd sosomid gown, jacket, robe
ssmr sosomir trouser
ssmm sosomim shoe
ssmf sosomif clothes
ssms sosomis glove
ssml sosomil shirt
ssmt sosomit hat
sstd sosotid muscles
sldr solador forests
sldt soladot forester
slrm solarem rivers
slmr solamir poet
slmf solamif lyrics, verses
slfm solafam distantly
slfs solafas furthest
slsl solasol phrases
slls solalas forward
sltd solatid traverse
sltl solatil traversely
stdr sotidor stars
strm sotirem ghosts, minds, spirits
stmr sotimir accidentally
stmf sotimif accidents
stsl sotisol numbers
stls sotilas croucher
lddr ladodor samhain
lddm ladodom autumn feast
lddf ladodof september
ldds ladodos october
lddl ladodol november
lddt ladodot autumn month
ldrd ladored dragger
ldmr ladomir shutter
ldfm ladofam recaller
ldsf ladosof sanely, stably
ldsl ladosol stablest
ldlt ladolat believer
ldtd ladotid wrongest
ldtr ladotir lie (untruth)
ldts ladotis liar
ldtl ladotil incorrectly, wrongly
lrdd laredod bird
lrdr laredor animals, creatures
lrdm laredom fish
lrdf laredof reptile
lrds laredos amphibian
lrdl laredol insect
lrdt laredot mammal
lrrd lareked caller
lrrs larekes scream
lrrl larekel roar
lrmr laremir faller
lrfm larefam dreamer
lrfs larefas dreams
lrsf laresof violently
lrtm laretim among, amongst
lmdr lamidor infants
lmrm lamirem siblings
lmmf lamimif walls
lmfm lamifam roughly
lmfs lamifas roughest, dirtiest
lmsf lamisof healer
lmls lamilas magician
lfdr lafador women
lfds lafados miss
lfdl lafadol madam
lfdt lafadot mistress
lfrm lafarem mothers
lfrl lafarel queen
lfrt lafaret goddess
lfmf lafamif mountains
lfls lafalas flier
lftd lafatid origins
lftl lafatil beginner, n00b
lsdr lasodor girls
lsrm lasorem sisters
lsmf lasomif caves
lsfm lasofam dryly
lsfs lasofas driest
lssl lasosol doors
lsls lasolas swimmer
lldt laladot insecurely
llrd lalared skinner
llrm lalarem skins
llmr lalamir opponent
llfs lalafas lightnings
llsf lalasof backward
lltd lalatid artistic
lltl lalatil painter
ltdr latidor seniors, elders
ltrm latirem enemies
ltmf latimif seas
ltfm latifam harmlessly
ltsf latisof jumper
ltls latilas rider
lttl latitil beautifully
tddr tidodor moons
tdrd tidored abandoner
tdrm tidorem cowardly
tdmr tidomir runner
tdfd tidofad spit
tdfm tidofam drinker
tdfs tidofas thirsty
tdfl tidofal suck
tdft tidofat lick
tdsf tidosof outward
tdsl tidosol outside
tdlr tidolar truth
tdls tidolas rightly, correctly
tdtd tidotid ways
trdr tiredor destructive
trdt tiredot killer
trrd tireked highly
trrm tirekem highest
trmr tiremir waker
trmf tiremif awake
trfm tirefam hater
trfs tirefas hateful
trsf tiresof downward
trtd tiretid fires
tmdr timidor free
tmdt timidot player
tmrd timired forbidder
tmrm timirem severe
tmmd timimid scratch
tmmf timimif claws
tmml timimil rip
tmmt timimit cut
tmfm timifam crier
tmsr timisor within
tmtd timitid airs
tfdr tifador emptiest
tfdt tifadot emptily
tfrd tifared misuser
tfrm tifarem incapable, incompetent
tfmr tifamir student
tffm tifafam follower
tflt tifalat ends
tftd tifatid waters
tsdt tisodot liberator, releaser
tsrr tisorek death
tsrt tisoret dead
tsmr tisomir stopper
tsms tisomis wait
tsml tisomil rest
tsmt tisomit lay, lie down
tsfs tisofas years
tssl tisosol bloods
tslt tisolat backs
tldt tiladot loser
tlrd tilared shrinker
tlmr tilamir chaser
tlfm tilafam defender
tlls tilalas writer
tltd tilatid meanings
ttdr titidor hopeful
ttdt titidot hoper
ttrr titirek lip
ttrs titires tongue
ttmr titimir stayer
ttmf titimif motionless
ttfm titifam charger
ttsd titisod crowd
ttsr titisor swarm
ttsm titisom flock
ttsf titisof school
ttss titisos set
ttsl titisol groups
ttst titisot gathering
ttls titilas grotesquely
ttlt titilat ugliest

Other expressions:

(dms) d (domis) do (day) monday
(dms) r (domis) re (day) tuesday
(dms) m (domis) mi (day) wednesday
(dms) f (domis) fa (day) thursday
(dms) s (domis) so (day) friday
(dms) l (domis) la (day) saturday
(dms) t (domis) ti (day) sunday

(mlm) d (milam) do (colour) red
(mlm) r (milam) re (colour) orange
(mlm) m (milam) mi (colour) yellow
(mlm) f (milam) fa (colour) green
(mlm) s (milam) so (colour) blue
(mlm) l (milam) la (colour) indigo
(mlm) t (milam) ti (colour) purple, violet
frs d fares do pink (light red)
frs f fares fa light green
frs s fares so light blue
srf d soref do dark red
srf r soref re brown (dark orange)
srf f soref fa dark green
srf frs soref fares grey (light dark)
srf s soref so dark blue

(sts) d (sotis) do (number) zero (0)
(sts) r (sotis) re (number) one (1)
(sts) rd (sotis) red (number) ten (10)
(sts) rt (sotis) ret (number) two (2)
(sts) m (sotis) mi (number) three (3)
(sts) f (sotis) fa (number) five (5)
(sts) s (sotis) so (number) seven (7)
(sts) l (sotis) la (number) nine (9)
(sts) t (sotis) ti (number) plus one (+1)

dmf dms domif domis morning (early day)
dmf smd domif somid evening (early night)
dtr dms dotir domis yesterday (previous day)
dtr rl dotir rel ago (before now)
rd sm red som excuse me!, sorry (my bad)
rtd dms retid domis tomorrow (next day)
mf dms mif domis today (this day)
mlm rsr milam resor rainbow (colour all)
fmd dms famid domis afternoon (later day)
fl ms fal mis better (more good)
fl sm fal som worse (more bad)
ft rfm fat refam tiny (very small)
ft mfr fat mifar huge (very big)
ft frt fat faret love (much like)
ft ltt fat latit beautiful (very pretty)
ft trf fat tiref hate (much dislike)
tt rmt tit remit allowed (perfect tense allow)
tt ms tit mis best (superlative good)
tt mttr tit mititir bent (perfect tense bend)
tt fl tit fal most (superlative more)
tt sm tit som worst (superlative bad)
tt lf tit laf least (superlative less)
tt tld tit tilad lost (perfect tense lose)
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Re: Sarus - English Dictionary
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2010, 06:36:12 PM »

wow there's a lot of work in that! Nice job.
Good catch on "sorry" too.. you're right, it should be rd sm.


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Re: Sarus - English Dictionary
« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2010, 11:14:41 PM »

I was really glad I have some programming knowledge, would've taken ages otherwise.


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Re: Sarus - English Dictionary
« Reply #3 on: February 28, 2010, 08:04:35 PM »

I can't believe it but I've gotta habeeb it. You sir are awesome.
Do, do fa dod midum, do fa dod domum, La Tisryk sos rekid mif domis, Raeflys domtil sos tisum dofum dod milim refys, Re sos tisr la fot-redid mitym lalys.
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Re: Sarus - English Dictionary
« Reply #4 on: March 26, 2010, 03:16:07 AM »

Awesome!  This will be most helpful!  I too work better going from Sarus to English than the other way around.  I've added your dictionary to the "Ultimate Toolkit" as requested.  Apologies that I've been AWOL for so long!
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