Brackenwood 005

by Adam Phillips

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Warning: contains very intense graphics and particle simulations
which may give choppy playback on low-spec computers..
If your computer struggles with it, you can watch it on YouTube

Brackenwood and all Brackenwood characters, creatures and their likenesses are all
2001-2008 Adam Phillips All Rights Reserved



How long did it take you to make 'Waterlollies'?

  • it is the oldest Brackenwood story so it has been in written form
    for several years now. The time I spent storyboarding,
    design and animation is a total of around 12 weeks, but
    the project has been stretched out over more than a year.

When is the next Brackenwood movie coming?

  • My next goal for Brackenwood is a short film with the aim
    of eventually making a Brackenwood feature. If I can jump
    right to the feature film, great :)

What programs did you use to make this movie?

Did you have any help?

The animation and story are my own work.
The hand-drawn swarm scenes were created by me, the
scripted swarms were created by my friends at
Snepo, and some additional swarms were CGI particle
simulations created by a good mate Matt Jones.